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Top five blogs for Digital Journalism Master-Minds

      I enjoyed this class! It gave me some good ideas on how to move forward with my skills as a Reporter/Anchor. How I can better interact with my viewers both on TV, and through social media. It also helped me brush the dust off my own Blog and now I really what to focus on being consistent with it again.
Here are the top five bloggers I had the pleasure of learning from. You'll find yourself brainstorming, working harder, and improving your skills, as you navigate through the broadcast, social and online publishing media world.

If you need everything tech, this page is for you! Get the scoop on the latest in tech toys, gadgets and must-haves. She also dapples in the sports world, a great combination.

 Planning a getaway can be overwhelming. So, to get it all done without the stress, this is the go-to blog. Danna can get you hooked up with queries, booking, and destination navigation

Jennifer is an amazing preschool teacher, who puts a personal touch on every story. She covers range of topics including the “Me Too” movement, something I’ve also covered as a Reporter. She gives us an honest look into her life experiences and that I can truly appreciate.

Life coach, a copywriter, and loves every tech! I’m a freelance writer based in Johnson City, Tennessee, specializing in writing marketing materials for all types of businesses as well as writing for the education market.
This Professional blog is for anyone looking for to be an experienced writer.

 Love the name, Mellow Peppermint. It’s unique just like Renee She’s a Journalist, Freelance Writer, Photographer and Graphic Designer from Houston TX. Each posted has
It’s own defined space, so getting the information you need is quick and easy.
This one was my favorite. Makes me want to change up the way my current blog design. Interaction is the key, and taking from what we’ve read, each book describe ways we can make our social media more interactive.

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